January 5, 2017

2017 & 2018 SENIOR MODELS

Ill start by explaining our business. When I got started, I shot everything… newborns, weddings, families, maternity, music events… whatever I could get. It was great for learning but I also quickly realized I wasn’t ‘great’ at everything and I didn’t ENJOY somethings too.

When it came to weddings, Chris and I just fit. We loved it, we weren’t half bad at it and we had a dream for it… When we had someone ask us to take their senior photos (someone I grew up with, of course I said yes) then I saw a spark in Chris’ eye. He explained how much he was drawn to that time period – and remembers when he took his senior photos. How he wanted them to turn out vs. the reality of how many senior photos do turn out.

That was the birth of our “senior division” of our photography. I primarily run the wedding side, corresponding with the brides and grooms. He holds down all the business side of it – the contracts, finances and orders and then he also runs the Senior division of our photography. While I still do the creative side of it – editing, marketing and promotional things, he is the creative director – planning shoots and the annual calendar for seniors.

Im excited for our senior model line up this year. We’re thrilled to have many seniors and NOW JUNIOR models too. Currently we are interviewing models and adding to them daily so please if you know anyone who is a senior or junior in the San Diego area who would like to be a model sign up here:¬†

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