January 2, 2017


Since we have graduated to a family of four, it has taken planning to do anything. Grocery runs, timelines and daily life. Now that we are a family of six, planning is a must.
So that is how the day started. Planning… Baths, clothes and food then we headed to the mall.

I had looked up the times for when Santa was arriving and when he would be off feeding his reindeer, to make the most of our time. We showed up at the Parkway Plaza mall just in time – midday to miss the morning traffic and not later to miss the evening families. The line was still an obviously long one. When we found the end we were surprisingly dishearted to see the line was already cut off/ with a sign in the way stating because of long lines they were stopping there and Santa would be back at 5:30PM. It was barely approaching 3!

Fighting traffic to and from the mall was an adventure itself… there was no way if we left the mall we would be coming back that day.
Shopping had already been finished so the mall wasn’t somewhere we really wanted to be, so we headed to the food court.
An hour later we headed back towards Santa to see they released the line. 🙁  -yep. seriously.
I wasn’t sure whether I was upset I missed that hour waiting for nothing or relieved we’d actually get a photo this year now.
I pulled up my big girl pants and got in the even longer line than it had been before at roughly 4PM.
Around 6:50 we had our photo taken with Santa. (Exhausted as all get out)

There are many traditions we love to recreate every year, however – this year we weren’t thrilled recreating this one. With a two week old baby and a 19 month old, standing in a line for that long was not the easiest task. However, I will be thankful looking back we pushed through and survived. Knowing this year it would mean a bit of something but years down the road, having that memory will mean a lot more.

Sometimes that is true of our work. We know the effort and steps to take to do what is necessary. We know the tasks needed to take place but sometimes situations in life make the small tasks so much longer and harder than they should be. However, just like that long line… if we persevere and stay our ground – doing what we must, there will be benefits, profits and we will move. Sometimes we just have to wait it out, knowing the results will prevail. xoxo

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