February 10, 2017


Five years ago our friends came to us and asked us to ‘take some photos’ of them while they got married. We didn’t know at that time that God was placing us in a direction we would be walking towards for the next five years. After a solid 16 hour day, 25 bridal party members, indoor photos and ceremony… and us not knowing a thing about what we were doing – it was obvious that we were in LOVE and (thank Jesus) we didn’t mess up their wedding, we still love their photos today.

When passion mets a purpose you find your direction. There are so many people out there that have a passion but no purpose behind their passion… or they have a purpose but no passion for that purpose and the results feel the same: burned out, exhausted from life or soaked dry from all originality or creativity.

With my day job I had when I began, I knew I had a purpose but I had no passion for the job I was in… and my heart knew it. My boss was excited about my future there – commonly noting how amazing I was at my job… and how I could go on to do great things. My heart screamed otherwise though. It was important for me to listen to both at that moment. To recognize my strengths and achievements but also to note, it was just for a season.

When photography literally landed in our laps and FOUND us, it gave me passion. Over the years our purpose for doing what we do has evolved into something greater than ourselves – something greater than our family… something deeper.

As the new year approaches, I hope you take time to reflect at the season you are and ask yourself if you have a purpose worth pursuing and if you have passion strong enough for the road it will lead you down. Praying blessings on you always.

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Chris & Wendy~

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