February 3, 2017


Somewhere between the invoices, contracts and pinterest something gets lost in the Southern California wedding season…

I remember before I was a wedding photographer and I was planning my own – I was staring at my pinterest board and visualizing what I wanted on the ‘outside’ for others to see but I had forgotten what I wanted the ‘inside’ of my wedding to feel like. I started culling through each moment of the evening, what we were doing and why, then thinking about how I wanted it to feel at that moment – would that moment last? How do we make it OURS for the rest of our lives??

All the sudden the invoices, the contracts… the pinterest board wasn’t important. My vows were. The dresses that were the same dress I wore on New Years a year before were, the pouring of sand into our vase from our bridal party was… the song we both chose was important, the message was.

Moments like this are the essence of your San Diego wedding. Not the favors or the amount you spent on the space/flowers/cake.

We cherish these moments. That is why as a San Diego Wedding Photographer I meet with all my brides ahead of time (2-6 weeks prior to their California wedding), to go through their timeline, their details – and their family/friends dynamics. I want to feel like I know you two just like your best friend does on your wedding day so I can understand the anticipation when your mother breaks down toasting about how raising you was the most challenging and rewarding thing that has ever happened since your father had passed away. I want to feel the tears when your best friend chokes up about the time you two stayed up in bed all night dreaming of the man you’re marrying today.

This is what makes our captured moments perfect. To feel and understand that love.

Our bride wore her mothers wedding gown on her wedding day. <3 We had to capture a photo of her mother in that gown too. LOVE everything about this. munro-271

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