March 31, 2017


Engagement season is beautiful especially being a wedding photographer in San Diego, CA. Rings and love openly abound… emails come in with trips to different states and sometimes even countries. The dreams are flowing and life is good but there is something else stirring beyond the surface and that is the daunting ‘to-do’s’ that can weigh the bride in the coming months, sometimes burden and even paralyze some brides. When I am asked what I do for a living and respond with ‘I am a wedding photographer’ nine times out of ten whomever I am talking with knows of someone engaged. The immediate conversation that follows is filled with details and lists and plans but the underlying question always gets asked, “What is some advice you might have for this couple?” It comes in so many other forms of the questions but it still ends with the same answer from us.
I can advise the bride of local vendors that have a good business and love what they do but the majority of my heart behind my job is always to see the heart of others. Photographers aren’t just called to take a ‘good’ photo, wedding photographers are called to anticipate the excitement of the bride, the anxious stirring of the father, the nerves of the groom… the pride of the mother. Wedding photographers are to LISTEN and hear the longings of the bride and be not just her ‘photographer’ for the day but her heartbeat; Her closest friend.

We are always equally surprised that brides show a ((WOW)) /mind blown facial expression when we explain when you are choosing your photographer, you are choosing who will stand beside you, behind you and help you through her entire wedding day – the day she has dreamt of her entire life. We spend more time with the bride (and Chris with the groom) then the bride and groom will spend together that day. Yes, its true.
(and in the same regard a wedding photographer has the responsibility to photograph every environmental lighting situation/event that happens with the utmost skill and quality where you can treasure those precious moments beyond your lifetime)

It’s more than choosing someone who has good photos, it is someone you can bond with as a friend – a companion. Someone who will take the time and listen to you BEFORE the wedding and yes – by all means take gorgeously magical photos on your wedding day. Because forever you are going to look back at this day and see your wedding through the photographers eyes.
Beyond choosing your soulmate, we would suggest choosing your photographer might be the second most important thing you do for your wedding. GASP! It is so true though and cannot be denied. Every memory will be frozen in the eye of that photographer, from you – to your spouse to the guests… even the stories you will tell your children and grandchildren, those will come from the photos you will hold in your hands years later. This is why our job is our heart, this is why we cherish what we do as a priceless job. We’re capturing memories someone will treasure forever. It is worth every penny to make sure you book a photographer whom you feel this connection with – who you choose and who chooses you, there is no price too high for your memories.

Read next week ways to help you find that perfect wedding photographer who sees your heart and how you can see their heart beyond just a price tag. <3

Chris and Wendy Richard are wedding photographers based out of San Diego, CA. They have been photographing weddings for five years in California, Oregon and Missouri and are destination wedding photographers – really branching out this year beyond the states but also photograph in San Diego, CA. for a large part of the year. Contact us at to talk about booking them for your wedding!

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