June 28, 2017

The countdown to “arrival” and all the waiting in between…


Inspiration and purpose calls our hearts so deeply. All I want to know – to eat and breath and belong to is a sense of purpose that I am called, built and designed to do more with my life than merely myself – and I am doing that.

I have purpose. I have belonging. I have family and am not only inspired but inspiring others through hope and destiny…

This has always been my heartbeat.
Unfortunately, with all great intentions they quickly get clouded with a sense of “WHEN” and “ARRIVAL”… to finally arrive at some predetermined moment where we feel fulfillment to our calling. We chalk up some outline like we are teachers on a dusty chalkboard and in our minds create a timeline we feel has to be upheld otherwise fears of failure and underachievement will surely follow.

Today I am calling FARSE.

    • an absurd event.
      synonyms: mockery, travesty, absurdity, sham, pretense, masquerade, charade, joke, waste of time;

      “the trial was a farce”

I watched recently the amazing movie Hidden Figures and I loved a moment where she was invited into a room with no clearance given and then beyond that, asked to do the mathematical equation in front of what would be her most influential coworkers in her life and I thought “AH, here is HER moment.” and really… it was.

However, her LIFE wasn’t lived in that moment. It was happening between all the other scenes – all the equations that led her to that very moment, all the hard work she did bucking the system that was determined to push her out.

Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans… -said someone somewhere.

While we’re busy in expectation for the arrival of our MOMENTS we are proactively preparing, we are practicing, we are planning… and we are working diligently with all the time we have been given. We need not lay the stress of arrival and waiting on our backs too. Ugh. The stress just in the thought of it.

We are sculpting WHO we are. Our pastor Brandon in San Diego at Rise City Church says something I love about “God is less concerned about WHAT you’re doing than WHO you are becoming.” I love this because it is the heartbeat of God and His love for us – and others.

Plus… newsflash: I don’t need an arrival or permission to be ME. I can be me all day everyday and wake up placing my feet on the ground in the full knowledge that I can  live that day being who God created me to be in that day rather than placing a weight on my shoulders about what I need to do with my life – what I need to become and in what amount of time. Sheesh. Overwhelming my mind with what I might have wasted or could waste… But my dear, when it is Him – He uses it all.

Today, I am reminded to stop living for the arrival moments and live fully in the moment He is gifting me. For when it is all said and done, deep deep deep down I don’t want my moment to be something I do anyways, I want it to be a moment no man could even create (like Hidden Figures) so I’ll leave the arrival moments to the man upstairs and Ill just keep showing up daily with where I currently am and use what I currently have – pressing forward.

…and hopefully read this reminder a million times in between. No Arrival Needed. The journey has just begun (cue my moms music in my head).


photo of my beautiful family in yuma, az dunes on a road trip back to cali from missouri.

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