August 6, 2017

The scenic route

He grabbed my hand as we both piered out the windows looking in admiration of the endless blue hues of mountains in the distance, the lush forever rows of palm trees swaying in the warm summer breeze and the buttery orange glow of the sunsetting once again.

I squeezed his hand as if in acknowledgement of the same feelings he was having. Change is hard.

Four years ago we prayed and felt God moving us to San Diego. Looking back it was chalked up to subtle things such as Chris’s nursing degree was more tangible at SDSU then trying to get accepted at Linfield. A place he had grown to love from his very brief time away from boot camp in the Marines. Then add the random phrases of strangers saying “have you guys ever been to San Diego? You’d love it there!”… To huge moments like raising our funds in a third of the time we had expected – the huuuuge billboard outside our 82nd street apartment which read SAN DIEGO and if you really know our lives — the couch story kinda sealed the deal. God was in this.

However, change doesn’t always look and feel the same. We jumped – both feet in. I hadn’t ever been to California and swore I’d never be one of those “Cali girls” anyways… You know the type.

Our photography business grew a heartbeat when we moved and we grew so passionate about serving our clients and being the best we could be. We emersed ourselves into the photography world and met amazing people along the way. Honestly, we’re still speechless how we can call some of you talented souls, our friends.

We had clients take huge gambles on us and booked us, businesses hiring us and networking with us without knowing anything more than our name and a handshake. And our business grew, and we loved the ride… but we also hustled and it was endless.

Our business wasn’t the only thing that grew, our family did too. We had two more babies (growing us to a family of six) and along with a bigger family came other dreams.

We longed for our kids to have a yard to play in, a neighborhood and community they would know. I longed to have a measurement stick (as small as this is) on the wall I could track their growth and enough space to have company come, stay and enjoy themselves without feeling like they were interrupting our normal lives.

We prayed and talked, we moved from a 2bed 1bath upstairs condo to a 2bed 1bath townhome. We made the most of our space and our visiting friends)family. We were creative with our business and in-home office and left our feelings buried until we had sight where we could actually plant them.

Our hearts longed for more for our kids, and that wasn’t shaking even in our sacrifices.

It was only a quick trip to shoot a wedding in Missouri last year that changed our course. Somewhere a subtle seed was planted of a home, or traveling back to california to shoot weddings… Somewhere another seed of opportunity to lead worship again every weekend and a bit of break from the hustle. A bigger sign grew as Chris was also offered a position and a daring sign as we talked and made an offer on a home, a dose of “point of no-return” hit when opportunity emerged of starting a coffeehouse drive thru and potentially also a coffeehouse, as well as wedding venue properties we could manage. We returned to our church in Lakeside, CA and our pastor confirmed our hearts when he spoke on “it is better to obey than sacrifice”.

Sometimes what we want so badly isn’t what others need. And what we desire more than the things we want us to help others get what they need. So, we listen and we obey.

Today I’m sitting hand in hand with my love by my side overlooking these blue hue mountains once again as we drive east towards new opportunities. We don’t have a home. We don’t necessarily have jobs… but we have heart, we still have hustle and most importantly we have each other and the rest we will figure out along the way, just like we did four years ago.


FAQs: Are we still shooting? Yes. We have weddings still booked into the new year in San Diego so we’ll be back almost monthly until next year. We’re excited because this will give us more time to enjoy Cali and visit friends and family while we’re in (y’all know who you are… You can find us on your couch -game nights are on!!)

Is there going to be an extra charge for hiring you now? No. The same rates will apply for our services, no travel costs will be added to San Diego… Cause we love y’all that stinkin’ much!

Are you quitting photography if you start the worship/coffeehouse? No. We loooove serving our clients and honestly it’s been amazing- even for our marriage. We have every intention to book weddings not just in socal but also in Missouri and the PNW as we do continue to fly there too -and see some of our favorite people.

Are you excited? It’s been bittersweet. We love our West coast family and the sunsets are magical. Uprooting the idea of not seeing everyone is hard. Change us hard and tears have happened. But we will still have a revolving door open to anyone who wants to come be a part of our crazy world. When we moved from PDX to SD everyone said they’d come visit and you know what? They did! In a year we only had two weeks we didn’t have visitors and we looooved it. It never slowed down. We’ve heard the same moving from SD to BKG and so we yes, are expecting visitors! You. We’re expecting you. Long deep talks over campfires… Life happening. We will still do life with you.

Our view:

Our tent stakes aren’t exactly being uprooted to MOVE as much as just expanding the grounds it covers. We prayed and we believe God planted us in Portland, OR, San Diego, CA and now Hollister, MO for specific purposes. Purposes that were immediate and some we’ll only see years to come… We love to travel and have the “Get up and Go” fever in our blood so we will probably be more on the road now then ever, traveling as much as possible.

Life is a journey, we’re definitely on the scenic route.





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