He grabbed my hand as we both piered out the windows looking in admiration of the endless blue hues of mountains in the distance, the lush forever rows of palm trees swaying in the warm summer breeze and the buttery orange glow of the sunsetting once again. I squeezed his hand as if in acknowledgement […]

LIFE Inspiration and purpose calls our hearts so deeply. All I want to know – to eat and breath and belong to is a sense of purpose that I am called, built and designed to do more with my life than merely myself – and I am doing that. I have purpose. I have belonging. […]

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Engagement season is beautiful especially being a wedding photographer in San Diego, CA. Rings and love openly abound… emails come in with trips to different states and sometimes even countries. The dreams are flowing and life is good but there is something else stirring beyond the surface and that is the daunting ‘to-do’s’ that can […]

As a photographer when you book a bride whose wedding you love, you are so excited!!! Things like “oh my goodness, I LOVE her personality – her venue looks amazing… Ahh, did you see her dress?! I can’t wait to see how the flowers come together…” are thoughts you typically find yourself having – or […]

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