I was excited to meet Kat and Casey and do their engagement photography session at the famous Balboa Park in sunny San Diego, California. They are a fun off-beat couple who enjoy artistic expression, north park and their craft beer. I really enjoyed talking to them about music since Casey had formerly been in a […]

Five years ago today I sat infront of my computer anticipating the future and it’s possibilities. Endless… I had resigned from the 9-5 job – working at a financial advisory office in Portland, OR and ventured on doing my own business, photography. At the time, I didn’t realize I would be specializing in wedding photography, […]

I have learned the essence of listening to others… their heart, where they’ve been and where they have dreamed to go. I often find myself reflecting on what they’re saying and it amazes me – when people stop to listen to each other how often they can find a common thread. This amazes me because […]

Chris proposed to me on my curry couch… (the couch we should save for another story). It was following a Sunday service, we had went out to eat and then hung out with friends then I was on the phone with my dad and something I said just sparked him inside that said “this is […]

So my husband turned 36. He’s a thrill seeker, adventurer and life lover. Because of kids and work… sometimes those things that make your heart leap and palms sweat can get lost in the noise. He came to me asking if he could do the ifly simulated indoor skydiving experience for his birthday. I hesitated, […]

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