LIFE Inspiration and purpose calls our hearts so deeply. All I want to know – to eat and breath and belong to is a sense of purpose that I am called, built and designed to do more with my life than merely myself – and I am doing that. I have purpose. I have belonging. […]

Five years ago today I sat infront of my computer anticipating the future and it’s possibilities. Endless… I had resigned from the 9-5 job – working at a financial advisory office in Portland, OR and ventured on doing my own business, photography. At the time, I didn’t realize I would be specializing in wedding photography, […]

Five years ago our friends came to us and asked us to ‘take some photos’ of them while they got married. We didn’t know at that time that God was placing us in a direction we would be walking towards for the next five years. After a solid 16 hour day, 25 bridal party members, […]

Ill start by explaining our business. When I got started, I shot everything… newborns, weddings, families, maternity, music events… whatever I could get. It was great for learning but I also quickly realized I wasn’t ‘great’ at everything and I didn’t ENJOY somethings too. When it came to weddings, Chris and I just fit. We […]

Sometimes being a photographer at a wedding isn’t just about getting those cookie cutter shots that we see across the board. If you’re comfortable, allow your photographer to showcase their artistic expression that will differentiate your wedding day from everyone elses. Also, don’t be afraid to let your own artistry show since it is YOUR […]

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