It seems to always be a little bit of a tug and pull for a bride to figure out exactly when she should plan her wedding timeline. Very quickly (for the stationary/invitations) after the date is chosen people want to know WHEN the ceremony is happening. Many brides choose this based on their feelings rather […]

It has been a huge labor of love… exhausting and so worth every effort. When we started this journey it was almost a year ago, researching in depth what we wanted portrayed on our website and what our clients need to see. We tend to think of ourselves as fun, lively and bold but a […]

When planning a spring wedding in San Diego, you probably envision sunshine and blue skies. But sometimes the weather doesn’t cooperate. Before you get discouraged, get creative! When the weather called for rain on this beautiful May day, down in South Mission Beach, we found cute umbrellas for everyone and had some fun!

It never fails… Life will always dish the inevitable always. I pride myself so much on my attention to detail and organization, not dropping the ball and having my hands in A.LOT. of things. Well, life will always sneak in a bit more than you feel you can handle at sometime or another. Its those […]

“We’ve never had professional photos before…” As many of our San Diego clients/ both engaged and brides┬ásay – these two were no exception. There they were, on the other side of our computer screen, planning and scheduling their engagement session. In a small sentence they showed all their cards – their excitement, their anxiety, their […]

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