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As a photographer when you book a bride whose wedding you love, you are so excited!!! Things like “oh my goodness, I LOVE her personality – her venue looks amazing… Ahh, did you see her dress?! I can’t wait to see how the flowers come together…” are thoughts you typically find yourself having – or […]

Five years ago today I sat infront of my computer anticipating the future and it’s possibilities. Endless… I had resigned from the 9-5 job – working at a financial advisory office in Portland, OR and ventured on doing my own business, photography. At the time, I didn’t realize I would be specializing in wedding photography, […]

“Pursue Passions NOT expectations.”  This phrase has ROCKED my world this week and perhaps this year… it should be a mantra I tattoo into my eyes. It fits into so many facets of our lives… including my engaged friends. <3 Especially speaking from a place where weddings have gotten so away from the commitment and […]

Somewhere between the invoices, contracts and pinterest something gets lost in the Southern California wedding season… I remember before I was a wedding photographer and I was planning my own – I was staring at my pinterest board and visualizing what I wanted on the ‘outside’ for others to see but I had forgotten what […]

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