LIFE Inspiration and purpose calls our hearts so deeply. All I want to know – to eat and breath and belong to is a sense of purpose that I am called, built and designed to do more with my life than merely myself – and I am doing that. I have purpose. I have belonging. […]

Before my wedding ever happened and even years after my wedding… I had another problem. I struggle that would show its face in my life daily, but during my wedding – even more. The scene: I sat awake in my bed as I watched on my 45″ television screen TMZ the updated happenings of our […]

It never fails… Life will always dish the inevitable always. I pride myself so much on my attention to detail and organization, not dropping the ball and having my hands in A.LOT. of things. Well, life will always sneak in a bit more than you feel you can handle at sometime or another. Its those […]

The flowers called at me, like a soft beckon you don’t want to ignore… and makes you slightly crazy. I had one of our amazingly talented interns coming over and I felt compelled to give them to her. Three beautiful huge sunflowers shined smiling at me, saying her name. Okay, God. Maybe this is you… So […]

So, you said yes to the amazing proposal your now-fiance sprung on you over the holidays and have been showing off that beautiful ring.  Couldn’t wait to spread the news, so you called your sister, your best friend, your co-workers, your dentist….well, maybe not the dentist.  But, no doubt someone has popped that other super […]

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