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Because life only gives you a set number of days to display your heart, risk your dreams and chase the things that make your palms sweat and heart beat; because to impact others, you have to be bold enough to be true to you.

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When we decided to photograph weddings, it was more of a heart beckoning than a job placement. We fell in love with the commitment of marriage, not just the wedding day. We had just married ourselves and felt the emotions a bride and groom go through on their wedding day. We dedicated our business to being advocates of vision and passion in our lives and speaking into others lives in the same manner. This still fuels us today.




We never set out to be a hired vendor. A hired vendor will photograph the wedding day in their eyes, and their mind and what they feel is best for the day. For us, it is much more personal than that. We meet with our brides and grooms and hear about their lives... if they are closer to certain friends than family, if they're wearing their great grandmothers broach, if their father passed away recently and certain moments will be extra tender on the day. We listen, we hear and we care. Our brides and grooms become some of our closest friends in life and on their wedding day, we can truly celebrate their love together with them. 



This is a day you have dreamed about your entire lives... the moment you wake up to when you walk down the aisle, the people who will be standing beside you and every detail in between. We feel the best way to tell your story, is really to get to know you - and listen to you, the important parts of your day - your emphasis. Contrary to what is normal for photographers, we love looking at your pinterest board or scrapbooking and gaining inspiration on your style to create a perfectly unique day for your love to be remembered and celebrated.

We believe in the art of movement. We try our best never to pose our bride and groom for a staged photo but we do create moments as actions so when we photograph you in that motion, it feels natural and authentic and your love connects with the viewer. Our goal is when you look back at these moments you remember them as REAL laughter, REAL love, REAL authentic and genuine connection which speaks louder than anything we could try to create. 



Every time we photograph a moment, we strive to photograph that moment from the best possible angle, with the best light, and the best composition. "I saw their photos after the wedding and I was instantly blown away. Was that the same wedding I was just at? Somehow you two have such an eye for what to photograph that the wedding looked so much better than it did in person, and it was magical in-person. It was like you took the best of the day and highlighted it for everyone to see." -a guest of a past wedding. Just because there might be something less than desirable on the premises happening, doesn't mean it needs to be featured. 






From our first meeting to when we deliver your canvases to hang on the walls, your album you will pull out when you make new friends and keepsake boxes full of your wedding day photos that you will fill with more of your marriage and life together, these are the things you will hand down to your children... and will be handed down to theirs - our sole focus is creating something lasting for generations to come. We want your grandkids to feel the love you two had for each other. We want them to see who you were. This is so much more than a day, its the start of a beautiful journey called marriage.

"When my eyes connected with you it was instant; Instant that you took my breath away. In one split-second, I knew you would wreck my world in a way I had always hoped and prayed for but never fully believed until the day you walked into my life. Now I cannot imagine sharing each moment of my life with you, forever." 

the experience

We're a husband and wife team for every wedding we photograph. With permission prior we also might bring an intern to watch and learn, and assist us on your wedding day. These are individuals we have groomed and know are equipped to help. As a husband and wife team we know each other, what we're shooting and capturing... we have a rhythm which allows us to photograph the same moments with completely different outlooks to tell the full story in all perspectives. 


We feel our brides and grooms know what they're wanting... why create packages without allowing you to customize your own? We help you create your timeline to allow the most precious moments of the day to be captured. 



We believe in giving our clients their hi-res digital images in every package. We also give a print release and have professional products we provide you with, as a service not an obligation.

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Wedding Cinematic
same day slideshows


your wedding... your memories... your photos

We are advocates at making sure our brides and grooms and their family & Friends have access to their memories to see/download without our logo or watermark. WHY? Because we trust people.
On your wedding day, Make sure you are receiving digital HI-RES  (some give just low or social media ready) images online.  By giving our brides & Grooms and their guests a gallery online, they can share it with anyone and it also relieves the B&G from people asking where they can get the photos. This also prevents discs that scratch or thumbnails that get lost. 

digital hi-res images


there is something so special about every wedding we capture. 
it reminds us of our day, our love and all our special friends and family who were there watching on the day we said 'i do'.
there are also perks to not just two photographers but two who work with each other every wedding and a guy/girl team. Wendy is able to start with the bride and chris with the groom, giving you the best coverage for your time... also since we work with each other at every wedding we know exactly what the other is doing, what they're shooting and how it will turn out. We are able to sculpt capturing your wedding from two different angles while keeping your story and style consistent with editing, shooting and display. 

husband & wife team


A new FEATURE we now offer is our wedding Cinematic. A BEAUTIFULLY ORCHESTRATED HIGHLIGHT film of emotion. the best way to tell your story in a RIVETING and Cinematic FASHION 

wedding Cinematic


sometimes brides are looking for certain 10 second clips of their wedding to remember highlights (the dress being buttoned up, mom putting on your veil, the walk down the aisle, the kiss... the cake cutting). some brides do not want to watch hours of their wedding day so a videographer might not be their priority but just a 5 minute slideshow of video-photo fusion might be the perfect compromise for you. We love doing video fusion on weddings... check out a couple of our examples below: 

video fusion


When looking for a photographer... okay, when looking for any vendors for your wedding, it is fairly normal for a bride to know what she has envisioned on her wedding day. This is why packages do not always work... 
chris & Wendy are amazing at listening to what you're wanting and telling you honestly if they feel like you are a fit for them, and their brand. 
THey hold your hand as you walk through the timeline, wendy helps you create it so you have the perfect light and atmosphere for the day you have dreamed of. Not every bride is the same, not every package will be the same...
See more about our a la carte / build your own wedding packages 
below with 'investment'.  

personal customized packages


what could be more fulfilling than seeing your images from your wedding day before the night is finished? our thoughts are the same. 
we love when our weddings allow us to do a same day slideshow for our brides and grooms, and all their guests. we will process around 20 images and place them on social media for your friends and family to see who aren't able to make it - we will also place them on a slideshow at the reception (somewhere off to the side, without sound) so your guests not only can see instant images but they also realize we will share our images with them, not just to view but to also download. this is where many of the guests are relieved and put down their point & shoot cameras or cellphones - and join you on the dance floor to really celebrate your love and your night. 

same day slideshows


in san diego, we get many weddings where family lives elsewhere...
Sometimes because of jobs, age or other circumstances -
some of their closest people cannot attend one of
their most special moments of their life. 
With wi-fi pending, we have the capability to live-steam your ceremony online, in a link for your loved ones to see, just as if they were there with you. 

live online streaming

"Trust them. They will capture every special moment and most of the time , you won't even realize that they were doing it. they are personal and your guests and wedding party will feel comfortable around them. Chris and Wendy are seasoned professionals who will always have your best interests in mind. They are organized and have the ability to work together seamlessly playing off of each others strengths and weaknesses."
Lizzy & Alex | Grand Tradition - Fallbrook, CA

"And of course, the photos they take are absolutely gorgeous!!"

"They capture the most beautiful moments that you will share on your wedding day. they are a blast to have around and they work with you. They don't treat your wedding like just another wedding. They understand that this is a first time for you and that your wedding is something that you've been dreaming about. They have the experience of taking photos of a lot of weddings, but they have the excitement like yours is their first one. They love what they do and you can definitely tell!"

Sarah & Jonathan | Twin Oaks Country Club - 
San Marcos, CA

"Pick them, you will not be disappointed!"

"We could not speak more highly of Chris and Wendy. Not only are they incredible, fun and easy going people they are insanely talented photographers. They captured our Wedding perfectly! They are so personal and passionate that you never feel like a client with them. They are willing to do almost anything to get the perfect shot and your photos will always turn out perfect! I can't wait to use them when we decide to grow our family."

Lisa & Jared | Humphreys & Bali Hai - 
San Diego, CA


"They were the smoothest part of our wedding. With every other vendor there was some kind of hiccup- Not Chris & Wendy. Even when we had last minute changes, they made it happen. they're very artistic. Even the videographer used their direction to capture artsy video. If it wasn't for her, our video would have been dull. Also, their friendly personality made us comfortable. We felt confident in their abilities, and their experience showed. Don't hesitate to hire them!"

Suzie & Edgar | Balboa Park & Marina Village - San Diego, CA


"Chris and Wendy are amazing photographers and amazing people. They really took the time to get to know us, and they really just let us be ourselves during the engagement shoot and on wedding day, and found a way to make us look really great. They managed to be both extremely professional and feel like our new best friends at the same time. We recommend Chris and Wendy to all our friends and family who may need a photographer for ANYTHING!"

Patricia & Spike | Barona Casino - Lakeside, CA


"They took a very personal approach - From a first meeting they asked us about our lives--how we met, favorite things to do, how we fell in love--to making sure we were comfortable at the engagements, to capturing every special moment on our day, They're intimately involved & invested in making your day memorable. The pictures were beyond our expectations! it's really special to work with a married couple as you set out on your own adventure of marriage! Chris & Wendy are our photographers for life!"

Devin & Alex | Milagro Winery - Ramona, CA


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