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    Chris proposed after church on a Sunday night, unplanned. Wendy was on the phone talking with her dad, like usual and talking about life... after she got off the phone Chris just had this heart urge that echoed "now is the RIGHT time". He followed his heart and asked her to close her eyes then poured his heart out. She joyfully accepted and they started the journey of life together. 



    With only a three month engagement, they both fell in love with the idea of getting married New Years Eve. Planning went straight into full mode and they didn't have a clue on what they were doing... but LOVE was there and they made every detail unique to them. 
They married at the drop of midnight with the officiant saying "I now pronounce you husband and wife in --- 10, 9, 8... (cue the confetti cannons and a kiss of a lifetime)". 



     Adventure was what we were looking for. We decided to book our connecting flights with the longest layovers so we could tour multiple cities and places. Our layovers were 12-18 hours and we honeymooned in LA, Dallas, South Miami Beach, New York and our final destination was Barbados (the most southern small caribbean island of paradise). We spent our days on the beaches, petting sea turtles and eating local food. We even had a personal tour guide of the entire island. 



    On our honeymoon, we knew we wanted to start a family soon. We vowed we would not let our adventures slow down with having children, but take them everywhere we went. A couple months later, we were pregnant with our first child, Ethan. Quickly following we had our girl, Arianna. Lijah came two years later and currently we will be having our fourth child, baby boy this December. So far, we have held true to our promise, keeping our adventures alive - with kids in tote. 



    We love traveling. We can't get enough of it! One month alone in 2016 we traveled to eight states for destination weddings with our whole family. We LOVE adventures to places we have never been... Luckily, we know people all over the world who love our visits and watching our kids as we photograph these special moments for you. We often joke a prerequisite to being our facebook friends is traveling - as we see all our friends doing it just as much as us. We love watching your travels too! 



    We currently are based out of San Diego, CA. We have such a heart for the midwest (Missouri where Wendy is from) and the Pacific Northwest too (Oregon where Chris is from) but we never know where the wind will blow us next. 

    For now, we are loving the perfect weather in southern California and are placing roots here. We can always travel to the places we love and long to see! 


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chris & wendy

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It is funny always talking with couples. 
Who is the social one? 
Who is the organizer? 
Who is the free bird and who is the rule follower? 

It seems like there is always a natural balance that happens with couples. 

Find out a bit more about 
Chris and Wendy here. 

more likely to turn on the aC.
more likely to buy on impulse.
more likely to go-with-the-flow.
more likely to sleep in.
more likely to try something new.

more likely to overthink everything.
more likely to connect emotionally.
more likely to eat their veggies.
more likely to book a surprise trip.

what about you?



chris & wendy

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Anyone who has known Chris would say he is a dedicated, hardworking man. He always has multiple jobs while going to school for varying degrees. He always has a dream; for something greater than where he is. For him, family and his daily work reminds him of how much he will try his best to achieve that dream.

Chris is an extreme hobbiest. He loves adventure and adrenaline. Nature provides amazing possibilities (sp) for his love of the outdoors. For Chris, nothing is better than surfing at the coast, snowboarding in the mountains, hiking and camping in the woods, or relaxing around a bon-fire with friends. He loves being active; playing and watching sports and is determined to enjoy every breath of life he has been given.  

Born in Portland, OR on February 24, 1981, Chris grew up in the small town of Grants Pass, Oregon. A priority of his is to remain close to all of his family no matter where life may take them and to continually build strong friendships with the ones he holds dear. 

    He joined the Marines United States Corp. in 2003 and served four years overseas. When Chris returned home he relocated to Portland and soon was bound to meet the love of his life. After meeting Wendy he knew things would never be the same and he wouldn't have it any other way.


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Wendy was born November 29, 1982 in Tulsa Oklahoma and raised primarily in Southern (Springfield) Missouri with her parents Joseph and Rebecca, two older siblings Kent and Dawn. She is also very close with all of her nieces/nephews and cousins which made up the entire population of her small city...

     It was immediate that you could notice the passion she has for music and art. Wendy has never had a problem with expression on her fingertips. She has always loved playing instruments and absolutely lights up when writing songs and singing.She is also very involved with poetry, modeling, graphic design, church and photography. 

    She traveled for eleven years with her music and her art work has been featured in many studios & art walks. She has also been writing an autobiography for years - slowly, perfecting the editing process.

     There is a longing deep within her for a life of heart-felt connection with people; family and meaningful friendships. She loves traveling and moved to Portland in early 2008 where she soon found a love for the "green" city. Wendy took the roots she grew up with and planted them in a rich new soil to grow. That growth led her right to the man that swept her off of her feet, Chris Richard. She has found her beat in the world and she takes pride in walking each step with Chris by her side; the love of her life. 

     They moved to San Diego, CA in Jan 2013 in the pursuit of their dreams, making photography a full-time job year round for both of them. 

• someone who embraces tender moments between huge life changes. 

• Someone who genuinely loves and gives to others. 

• someone who makes the most out of life, optimistic no matter the day.

• someone who connects with people easily and deeply.   


our ideal

We love deep conversations, around a warm fire with no where to be. Add some food and some music... and man, the night just can't go wrong. 

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